Booking system for spa/wellbeing website - recommendations

I know there are ‘booking stacks’ for rapidweaver, but can anyone recommend a 3rd party booking/schedule for Holistic/well-being treatments that could be integrated/embedded into a Rapidweaver site??
Needs booking/calendar (knowing if slot is previously booked) and multiple choices for treatments

Thanks for any pointers

I use Acuity Scheduler

I was looking into this the other day and I thought Bookeo looked good. 3rd party and paid for but seems to cover all the bases you’d ever need. They even have a spa type specific product:

I don’t use it yet though so this is just passing on research.

I’am using a lot of phpjabbers scripts and they all integrate with RW is smootly

Thanks everybody for all the ideas…I knew about phpjabbers…are they easy to use in the admin area??

Buy the script buy Developer license, it removes PHPjabbers copyrigt and advertise, AND they can modify code (payed for per hour work) as you wish, but normally it just works fine “out-of-box”
In Admin area I find setting is really easy to set up and code is generated with your setting to implement in a HTML page in RW… that’s it.
phpjabbers offer a good support service

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