Hotspots on a JPG image?

How do I add multiple hotspot links to different parts of a large JPG image?

The Points stack by Joe Workman

Thanks. So far in my life I only have one image that needs hotspots, so I’m trying Will’s free HotSpots stack. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll get Points.

Nothing is working for me. I’m trying to create an image with links to use in an eBay listing. I need to end up with basic HTML, but RW is creating a lot of HTML that eBay does not like. Any suggestions? I’m looking at doing this in another program.

Hi Bruce,

Take a look at

I’m using HotSpot Pro


I think I have a simple solution. I found online image map generator sites. My need is to create code that eBay can use in the listing’s description section. So far this is working fine. I use to do this in DreamWeaver, but I trashed that long ago. Never look back!