Invisible button links?

Sorry if this is obvious but I’m trying to do something that used to be easy in iWeb that I can’t seem to replicate exactly in RW. In iWeb I could add some invisible buttons on top of an image and use them as hyperlinks to somewhere else. So for example I could take a picture of several faces and have each face act as a link. In RW I can certainly have the entire images act as a link but I can’t seem to have multiple links sitting on top of the one image. I get that the responsive aspect of the program makes this more difficult but is there something obvious that I’m missing? Thanks.

Joe’s Points Stack can do this:

I think Stacks4Stacks has one as well (hotspot, maybe it is called??). There could be others too but those two jump to mind… Edit: HotSpotsPro is the one I was thinking of:


Yes indeed HotSpotsPro from @willwood looks good for this and support from Will is always great.

Thanks so much! Those all look like good solutions!