How Are Resources Managed in 8.1

Hello- This is a total pain and I hate to be negative… but this is a pain.

Ok, long time RW user and I am now carving out time to migrate my site from 8.0.x to 8.1.x.

But what is the new workflow for what used to be called resources? I can’t find any instructions, no videos, nothing. I just open my projects and any and all resources are gone. I get that they are gone, but what is the new workflow? If I want to add a PDF to a blog post, where do I put it and how do I reference it?

I have literally 500+ broken resources (all in 10yrs of blog posts) and going through 1:1 to fix this when I open the file is pretty much out of the question. I’ve decided to pick the 100 most important and call it a day.

So, where do I put files the used to be in resources?


Hi Bill,

Resources can be imported into the project file or linked to their original location.

Are you receiving the “missing resources” pop up message?

Hey Aaron- Thanks for the quick reply.

Ok… I think I’ve figured it out. I COMPLETELY forgot that resources was moved to the Taskbar. It’s been so long since I’ve had to manage them that I was looking for ‘Resources’ on the left pane forgetting they were moved to the top.

I think I have it from here. I’ll just mass add them in the resource manager and relink the 100 most important resources. From there, I should be good. If not, I’ll come crawling back for clarity.


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