How best to include a “crawl” for incidental news?

Any opinion or suggestion how to incorporate little incidental news items onto a page?

I’m not sure a crawl is the way to go on this, since the news is likely time sensitive.
Or whether to have some way to archive the bits, such as a separate blog type.

Dspends on your needs really…




Where do you want to put it?
How much do you want to display?
Do you need links to the feed?

I use this -

Thanks. I will look at the links! (Did), Bumpy & Dave.
I haven’t defined it well enough for myself.

I don’t actually need to go to an external feed, the content is something I’d like to drive,
possibly in a less intrusive fashion than possibly a constant crawl.

A separate blog doesn’t really address what I’m going for either.
The Yazul theme looks promising.