Armadillo sidebar question


I have an Armadillo blog and all works well, including a Headlines stack on the home page.

I want to be able to put the Blog Categories stack on another page in addition to the actual Blog page. I’ve tried here but although it displays the links don’t work. Is it actually possible?

Thank you



Tim: It looks like this is not possible. When I tested out your scenario on my own website it seems that the Armadillo categories stack uses the name/address of the current page for finding the categories. If you won’t be adding a ton of new categories then there is a manual workaround.

On my “other” page the Armadillo link for the category of Tools is:

The key is the page is wrong (i.e. given as “test” but what I want is “news”). However, the basic address is fine. So if I manually change the address (or use a bulk renamer) to:

… then I’m fine. And there are tons of ways to create nice links manually. There may be a better way to accomplish this but I don’t know how off the top of my head. I notice you have a lot of categories so doing this manually may not be very attractive. It may be worthwhile to email @nimblehost and see if there’s a better approach.

Hi Mathew,
Thank you for taking the time to look. I figured that it might not be working for the reasons you’ve. I’ll see if anyone else has any ideas.
I can recreate one manually as you say, which is not a major problem, just a bit fiddly.

Thank you again.


Hi Tim, @Mathew is correct, the Blog Navigation stack was designed to be used on the same page as the Blog page itself, so the links it generates won’t be accurate if used on other pages in your site.

Of course, now that I know this is something you want to do, I can add it to the feature request list. :wink:


@nimblehost Another thing that would be great would be the possibility to have a ‘running’ headline like it is possible with the RSS Stream Stack by Joe Workman

And don’t forget the blogger importer :wink:

@timtempest: this is a great idea… I’m just wondering how much it could be done with that… wow!!

Hi Jonathan,
Great to hear from you as always.
The page I linked to started out as a blog post in Armadillo, but I kept on adding to it so made the content into a page. The page doesn’t fit in with the rest of the site so by creating what now looks like a sidebar of blog categories I’ve made it look like a post (hopefully) plus those categories are then of course links to other related content. I’ve actually added another page for studio equipment with a manually created sidebar. Just for a giggle I’ve then made Japanese and UK versions of those pages, as no one has yet made a stack that detects which country the user is from.
As long as I remember to update it if I add another blog category in Armadillo I think it works fine.
Thank you again for looking


Yeah… it would be nice, though I wonder if it would become overly distracting.
I’m happy with being able to automatically display the recent posts on my home page. I can determine how many to show.

If we are going for cake-and-eat it suggestions, how about automatically posting the Armadillo blog post headline to twitter with custom hashtags!? I need to have a twitter presence for traffic, but don’t feel like putting much effort in lol. mm… why stop there !
Overtime I post something in Armadillos blog I manually post it in Facebook too… can’t be bothered with that much either lol, but needs to be done.

Ah… Unless of course that’s what the meta tags are for in Armadillo? I only noticed those last week. It used to be just title and description I’m sure. Is there a how-to guide on how to use those somewhere please?

Thank you


@timtempest: I’m using something like this in my product page ( and I think that it looks great, it is not invasive and relatively nice…

@nimblehost: Jonathan, just another small idea, if You look at my the sidebar of my page,, the first part of it displays selected news (out of blogspot for the time being) of a certain category or tag…

Do You think that it would be possible to add these 2 points to the Armadillo wish list?

  • a ‘latest’ news scroller
  • a way to display the latest 5-10 news from a certain category (or Tag)

…the import from Blogger is already there :wink: