How can I add a link in Foundation form checkbox?

I’m making a Foundation form and I would like to make a checkbox that says “I agree with the terms and conditions” where the “terms and conditions” part is a link to the actual terms and conditions page.

Rapidweaver 6 allowed me to add the link to the checkbox text. However, in preview this link does not exist (I also checked the HTML source, it’s not there).

Is it possible to do this? This seems to be a common type of checkbox.


Yup, use the checkbox stack, see these screenshots

Thanks zeebee for your reply! However, I need the phrase “terms and conditions” to be linked (to a page of the actual links and conditions). I cannot get this link to work. It shows in edit mode, but disappears in preview.

Am I missing something? I’m using the latest version of Foundation with RapidWeaver 6.

Then use HTML
<a href="">I agree with the terms and conditions</a>
change the link to Apple to the one you want to link to. Put that in the label settings.

Works wonderfully.

Thanks for your help again! It works, but the checkbox and the line are now on two lines. Does this happen with you?

Nope, seems to work for me

Ah got it! I accidentally had the checkbox in a link stack. Thanks so much! :smiley:

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