Yet another link problem in a text box

I have a website for a theatre company and am using RapidWeaver 7.1.7 along with Joe Workman’s Foundation. Using Stacks, I developed my own version of a sidebar. It is a block with text inside of it and each line of text is linked to a page of the site.
This is a chunk of the home page, and all of its links work in preview and also on the web.

This is a chunk of the Current Productions page and its link to the Home page works, but none of the other links work in either Preview or online. What am I doing wrong??

try going to the Current Productions page block and redoing one or more links and re-publishing.

Hi Martha,

If you have a link to the published site it would be easier for us here to trouble shoot.

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Did you copy and paste the text from something like Word (or any other app)? If so, there could be formatting associated with the text. Go to format and down to ignore formatting.

If you do this you will have to relink all of your links, but that could be the issue.

If you typed in the links, then you do not have to do this.

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It’s usually nearly impossible to debug something inside of a very complex page. There are too many other “moving parts” that could influence what we’re seeing. e.g. a stray transparent div that covers things could easily make links un-clickable – but might be coming from other places on the page.

I’d say, give the suggestions here a start, particularly the one from @zeebe. If those don’t work, copy the text stack in question over to a dummy project and take a look at it on a page by itself and see if it works there.

If it’s broken there too, you know it’s just one of the things inside that stack – like formatting or maybe the links themselves.

If it’s not broken there, then you know it’s some other content on the original page that’s causing the problem – and you can go about hunting for that what is causing it.


I’m sorry, folks. The link to the website is

I typed all the link text in to the block and did not copy it from another app. However, once I did that for the home page, I duplicated the home page to create the other pages, so I did not type the link text into the new pages. I will try deleting all that text and re-typing it with fresh links.

I already tried going to the Current Productions page block, redoing all the links, and re-publishing, and it didn’t work.

Finally, thank you all very much! You have been kind to give your time to helping me out!

Well folks, I tried deleting the text with the links, retyping it, re-linking it, and republishing it. The only link that survived was for the Home page. What the heck is going on?? Also I refreshed the page and cleared history so I could be sure of getting the updated page. Sigh…

Please HELP! I’m desperate!

Now two of my pics on the home page aren’t showing up, too.

Hi Martha,

There are errors on the page so the first thing to do is Republish ALL files. some didn’t upload for some reason. This is more than likley what is causing the other problems.
most of the pages arn’t loading jQuerry and thats killing other functions.

DO this first then let’s see what is going on.

Also, can you do a screenshot of the home page in edit mode. I would like to see the page structure. (what stacks you have within other stacks etc.

If you can do the above I will try to help you get it sorted.

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@MarthaL - Martha,
I see what may be your problem…

You are using the default stacks column stacks in the foundation you should be using the foundation column stacks (or big white duck’s)

I was able to replicate the link problem using the stacks 2 column with stacks text stacks instead of foundations 2 column

Here is the test page (ignor the content it’s just a sandbox site for testing) you will notice that some of the links don’t work when in the standard 2 column stack.

So scratch the publish all comment above and fix this first then republish.

BTW I also noticed you did not name your folders (using default page xxx) you should name them SEO revelant terms.

I would also make a partial for your nav so you can just place it on all the pages and if you make a change they will all change. or use the foundation side nav menu stack (may be in one of the add on packs, not sure)



You problem is because of the floated stacks columns not clearing . The content below is therefore overlapping (upwards) and covering the links, making them not clickable. (Google clearfix if you are interested in the details).

As @swilliam says, the easiest way to overcome this is just to use Foundation columns (or BWD ones) which include a clearfix after them to force content onto the next row.

If for some reason you absolutely need to use a Stacks column (for instance if you want a percentage split) then put it inside a cssbox stack and simply add the class clearfix in the class setting. This will make everything work as you expect. (Note to others: this is Foundation specific as the theme includes the clearfix class).


Dear Tav and Scott,
Thank you for your help. There were two reasons I reverted to the old Stacks columns: One was I DID want a percentage split so I could put the nav links in a sidebar that wouldn’t take up all the room on the page. Two was that whenever I tried to use the Foundation columns, the columns did not use the whole width of the page, but only about half the width. Is there a way I can force them to expand to the available width?

Yes you can, (see screen shot). That being said, you may not actually want to do that because text gets hard to read after 1000-1200 px of width. so on a wide screen your right column could become very wide.

I usually enclose the 2 column inside a one column and set the one column to a max width 1500px for example. That way even if someone has a wide browser setting the content won’t get beyond 1500px. I hope that makes sense.


HI , just out of interest i have just visited the site, just to get a feel for the problems that @MarthaL is having.
I found that the Menu links only work when you are on the Home Page,
meaning that when a page link is clicked when on the Home Page, that page is opened ok, but the only way you can visit any of the other pages is to go back to the Home Page !!!

I would think that you have to make a Partial of the Menu Stack on the Home Page, and replicate it in all the other pages.


Also, Tav, I downloaded and installed the clearfix code from your link. You say to add the class clear fix in the class setting. Where is the class setting?

if I may, I believe that @tav was referring to you putting the regular Stacks column stack(s) inside a CSSBOX stack and setting the class of the cssbox stack to clearfix. - Class is a setting in cssbox.

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@MarthaL As usual @swilliam is spot on. Just put the stacks column inside a cssbox stack and use the class setting in the cssbox’s settings as per this screenshot.

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I’m sorry to be so dense, but where do I get a CSS box?

I pasted a link to it in my previous but one post - just click where is says css box in blue and you can get it for free from Joe Workman.

I downloaded it when you sent the link before, and Installed it using the installer that came with it, but I don’t see it appear in any of my lists of stacks and tools.