How can I create a grey background on a full page?

I’m trying to create a grey background on a full page (see first picture: Projects page), except the header, which shall remain white. So I clicked on Stacks page > background > colour and chose light grey. But unfortunately the background ends under the last stack and doesn’t cover the whole page, if the content is too small (see second picture: About page). How can I make the background reach down to the very bottom independently from the browser window’s height?

Colouring a background like that will be a function of the theme rather than Stacks. Which theme are you using?


I’m using Foundation as theme.

Version 1 or version 6? If it’s 1 I might be able to help. If it’s 6 I can’t because it’s completely different.

Version 1.8.1

It’s in the Site Styles stack that comes with Foundation. See the attached screenshot.

Thanks a lot! Now I got it right. You saved my day.

No problem. Glad to know that my ancient knowledge of Foundation can still be useful!