Adding New Stack Screw up Entire Site's Color/Formatting - Site Styles Problem?

I’m running into a problem when designing my new site using Foundation 1.4.4 site (I know…there’s a newer version). My site is pretty simple. I’m about half done and now whenever I add a new stack the whole screen background changes to grey (the color of the background) starting at a random point in the middle (not where I inserted a new stack) and the white background behind all my text disappears. Plus, in a random spot somewhere in the middle of the page I get an error message “You must add the Site Styles Stack to the page in order for Foundation to function properly.”

But, I AM using the Site Styles Stack at the top. And the message appears in the middle of one column in a two-column Fdtn stack. The second column then moves below it for some reason outside of the stack altogether. Below there, everything turns grey. It seems like I’m being punished for reaching a certain length since this randomly started halfway through the site.

Could it be due to a Stacks version mismatch? Is there a page length limit for Foundation pages? I’ve noticed that if I remove one of my stacks I can then add in one different one before the error occurs again.

Help! Any ideas? Hope some of this made sense!

My suggestion is to email Joe’s support (me) support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and send in your project file. If it is over 1MB, you will need a service like Dropox or something similar. This will be easier to do in support than on the forums.

Thanks, Zeebe. Didn’t know if it was a stupid error on my part or a technical thing.

really hard to tell from just a description like that. Easier for us to look at your project file and see what might be happening. No problem!! :smiley:

I never figured this out. Yourhead never got back to me. I even created a duplicate version of the site completely from scratch AND used the updated RW, updated Stacks 3, and updated JW Foundation. Still having the same problem when I get about 75% done with the entire site, the addition of one more stack (any stack at all) messes up the formatting and tells me to insert Site Styles Stack (which I’ve done). Site Styles is the first stack on my page.

This is killing me! Can Foundation sites be too long? It’s not even that long but that’s one of my only theories.

Why did you email Yourhead? He doesn’t make the Foundation theme, I gave you the email for Joe’s support and I have not seen an email that has this issue.

I emailed Yourhead because I was told to by the support team at JW. You all gave me a few tips related to smart quotes to see if that would fix the problem. If it didn’t, I was told to contact support at Yourhead. My email came from my work address.

I heard back from Yourhead and they discovered it was a problem of two corrupted stacks. Don’t know how or why they were corrupted, but they helped me fix the problem. Cleared the formatting for those affected stacks and had to reformat again, but happy it worked. I do appreciate all the help from you guys. Thanks!