Newbie Needs Help

    • Can I stop a stack from working temporarily so I can see it on or off? So far I delete them and then reinstall? Bit of a pain.
    • How can I hide most of the stuff in the library, it takes forever to scroll to the bottom and back again?
    • How do you use, all the little grey squares in the library? They just show up as tiny dots?
    • Can I mix and match many different stacks, like foundation, Source, limelight, Jack etc. Do I even need them all?

As a retired Graphic Designer I get frustrated because it doesn’t work as I expect it too, but I don’t think all you people would use it if it was no good, so what am I missing? been trying to make something useful out of all this stuff, but so far after 3 years on and off, I have achieved nothing worthwhile.

  1. I use a stack called Quarantine from DooBox but it doesn’t seem to still be available. Basically you put the stack you wanted to temporarily disable into the quarantine stack and it remmed it out in the code for testing.

  2. The best way to use the library is to create subfolders for the items you are using. I have a folder for Foundation, One for Email, and one for Total CMS. I also use the search bar on the top to get exactly what I am looking for.

  3. Not sure what you are describing with “grey squares”.

  4. It depends on what you are doing. Most stacks can be used on any
    Stacks page but Foundation stacks can only be used with the Foundation Framework and the Foundation Theme. Same thing for the Email Theme and Stacks. Basically if there is a theme that goes along with the Stacks they can only be used with that theme. Otherwise stacks can be used on any stacks page.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply. The little grey squares are in the library and have numbers next to them such as 400x400 or 1x1 etc. How are these used?

Thanks for the other info, I will do that.

  1. In the Page Inspector > Responsive - Hide the selected stack at all device sizes. Turn them back on as needed.

  2. In Stacks preferences uncheck “Images” in Images and All Stacks Library group

  3. They are image files used by a stack. You can also take a look at the Stacks Library settings at the bottom of the Stacks side bar panel - the little gear.

You would gain a lot of understanding by watching the Stacks videos There also manuals for Stacks 3 and 4 and a Stacks knowledge base (links on bottom of page).

Also the free videos by RMS:

You would no doubt find what you are missing, or at least be well on your way to understanding RW and Stacks.

In Stacks 4 on the far right editing box there is a checkmark option inside the Responsive section “Don’t publish this stack”. Works immediately upon preview or publish to disable the stack from view. Uncheck it to show again. Looks like some stack devs have chosen to exclude or override this standard stacks feature so it may not actually show there for you on all stacks. You can use Joe Workman’s free Pen stack to place any stack and write notes about too. Pen has a Do Not Publish Content feature available.

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