How can I place my logo in the menu bar?

I try to find a way in property settings but failed. The way I want it to be is like the pic attached. Thank you!

It depends on the theme. Which theme are you using?
In Foundation, it is exactly as in your example.

Thank you Oscar. It appears to be so expensive to get good things! :smile:

If you tell me which theme you are using, I can take a look at this :wink:

Really sorry I didn’t realize you asked for it. I’m using Split of Yuzoolthemes. Thanx a lot for your time.

Split put the logo in the left corner, but with a little display problem.

When you use a 50 x 50px logo, you can put this code in inspector CSS and it’s perfekt on desktop and on iPad and iPhone. Look here!
When the logo is smaller, change the margin.

.header #logo { margin: 0px 0 0 3%; }

You can/must paste the logo here.

This is exactly what I try to understand: using css to control things! I appreciate your kindness much, Oscar. Wish you had a full life of good luck!

There is a good way, to understand, what’s happen in a website.

Activate the developer view, then you can look wich code is activ and you can copy and paste this code in RW CSS with your own code with other settings.

When you activate this in safari, you can look in every page on the web :wink:
Have a good time !

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