How did I set the directory for a button to goto

I built this years ago and each button goes to index.html in a different folder on the server.
I cannot remember or find where I set the URL for each button as all I can find is the index.html but not where to go for it

That looks like a Stacks’ page. I don’t know which button stack you’re using, but select the button stack and then check stack settings panel in the right sidebar.

The “Gourmet Woodenware” looks to be in a partial, so you’ll need to go into that partial (double-click should work) and then select the button stack inside, if that’s one you’re trying to change.


Click on your button stack, and then go to that little hexagon tab on the far right, that has all the settings for your stack


Thanks so much. Gourmet woodenware was a partilal but I had to select unpack before I could get to the link. Your answer wqs a great help. Thanks again.

Thanks Jason. This solved my problem !!