Booking Stack issues

I have a couple of questions about the booking stack for anybody with knowledge about it. First, I want to set up the admin feature where my clients can look up to see the bookings that have been made but when I bought and downloaded the file it doesn’t like the manual downloaded with it…I could be overlooking it but I cannot find it anywhere! Second, how the crap do you edit the button? I got the color changed but the button size is small and it is left aligned and I want it bigger and center aligned. Seems like it should be an easy fix…but evidently whoever created this stack likes to make things as hard as possible to fix. Can somebody help me with this? thank you! @yuzool

Have you had a look at the video on the demo site?

I haven’t used it (thus haven’t watched the video) so I don’t know if it’ll answer your questions, but just in case you hadn’t seen that link…

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Yeah I watched it, that’s where I learned about the manual file that I apparently did not receive and if I did, the video does not show how to get access to it.

All the Yuzool Docs and demos are in their “help” area

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I have the same issue, but I received the manual and never got the file/link to create the admin page. Any ideas on this? Also the button is a pain.

@ldunning do you have the PDF manual now? Hopefully…

The manual mentions how to link to the admin page. Please DM me a site link and I can show you how to find it.

Sorry the button is causing such “pain” (ouch :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it’s dictated by the theme so please use the button styles in the theme for colour and size. For layout / positioning use the Stack width and layout settings. The demo shows it working with my Designed theme (Material), Foundation and Foundry. You can also tweak it by CSS if needed.

We originally added button styles but this was the most requested change so it blends in the theme it’s used with. That said, we could bring back style overwrites in the near feature.

Hope that helps!


Yes, in fact Michael would be great to have this option as an additional feature.