How do I add a new image to be a banner?

I’d like to change the banner image in the ‘Reason’ theme to something other than the 5 choices available inside the theme.
I have RW Multitool and I’ve been in contact with them but I think something’s getting lost in translation.
Any idea how to do that?

I’ve used the Reason theme and modified the images -

No need to use RWMultitool, any photo prog will do, I produced 1200px x 600px images, renamed them img1.jpg throught to img.5.jpg then replaced the 5 images in the images > editable images folder of a copy of the theme. Then just choose Banner 1 through 5 in the Banner image drop down.

Awesome. Thanks Dave. Now, if I can only get the photo sized right so it doesn’t crop.

Dave could you expand on[quote=“DaveFox, post:2, topic:3024”]
then replaced the 5 images in the images > editable images folder of a copy of the theme. Then just choose Banner 1 through 5 in the Banner image drop down.
[/quote] Sorry but I don’t understand how to do this. Thanks

Here goes…

Open MacHD > Users > YOUR USERNAME > Library > Containers > com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6 > Data > Library > Application Support> Rapidweaver > Themes (You might want to drag this location to your Finder sidebar to make it easier to find next time!)

Right click the REASON Theme > Show Package contents

Open contents / Open Images / Open Editable images

Replace img1.jpg through to img5.jpg with your own images (using the SAME filenames)

In Rapidweaver with the Theme open select Banner Image 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5


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I’ve found the files for Veerle from the menu in RW Multitool. I modified blank_1 with multitool. I can see that it was modified in the editable images folder. However when I choose it in RW6 only the blank white header appears.

I also tried renaming it from blank_1.jpg to header-bee.jpg. It did not show up in the drop down menu in RW6. The blank_1.jpg still did.


Make a copy of header-landscape.jpg call it header-landscape_old.jpg
Make your new image 860x267 in any photo program, name it header-landscape.jpg and place in the same folder as the OLD landscape-header.jpg overwriting the existing header-landscape.jpg

Any problems just delete the new file and rename the file you added the word old to to change it back to header-landscape.jpg

(PS. I found 3 different folders containing editable images for Veerle (!) changed all of them and it worked here)

There’s probably an easier way using CSS and I’m sure someone will come along the code for you :wink:

One would think clicking the gear beside Theme Default and going to Reveal Styles in Finder would do the deal. There is too much RapidWeaver stuff installed all over the place. It is a mess.

Using EasyFind I found three Veerle packages. It was in the old RW5 folder! Still wondering why I upgraded RW5 to RW6. Been frustrating for a hacker like me.

I’m using So I followed Dave Farrants’ instructions, renamed an image and put it in the Editable Images folder of the my theme’s package contents. I previously put 2 other images in there and they show up as Banners 3 and 4. The new image is called banner 5, and if I look at it in the finder it appears just like banners 3 and 4. But when I choose banner 5 in the master style tab, I don’t get my new Banner 5; I get the one that shipped with the theme. What’s going on?

I also changed the theme’s extension from .rwtheme to .rapidweavertheme according to a suggestion from the support folks at RWmultitool. That had no effect, and RWmultitool still tells me that the theme folder is empty.

So also: where does RW7 store themes?
I’m using RW 7.2.2 and the theme UPLIFT from Pressure Designs (now defunct, but the theme still works except for this).

Any suggestions appreciated.