Unable to change theme banner image

(This was posted in another thread but not read.)

I’m using So I followed Dave Farrants’ instructions, renamed an image and put it in the Editable Images folder of the my theme’s package contents. I previously put 2 other images in there and they show up as Banners 3 and 4. The new image is now called banner 5, and if I look at it in the finder it appears just like banners 3 and 4. But when I choose banner 5 in the master style tab, I don’t get my new Banner 5; I get the one that shipped with the theme. What’s going on? Where is that original banner image stored?

I also changed the theme’s extension from .rwtheme to .rapidweavertheme according to a suggestion from the support folks at RWmultitool. That had no effect, and RWmultitool still tells me that the theme folder is empty.

So also: where does RW7 store themes?
I’m using RW 7.2.2 and the theme UPLIFT from Pressure Designs (now defunct, but the theme still works except for this).

Any suggestions appreciated.

It was read, just didn’t have an answer at the time. Try a free tool called Easyfind to look for all instances of banner5 it should show all the locations to see if you missed one.

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Thank you, Dave, that worked.

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