How do I change the Logo size (Xloom)

A first foray into Rapidweaver and for a novice, not doing too bad. I am using Xloom and have completed the site except for the Logo (which is my wife’s mugshot) I can’t resize. I have adjusted the image and reused it, but image remains the same size, I therefore assume the image is controlled elsewhere.
Fortunately the image is required on all pages, so can do what is ever necessary in one place

Any ideas would be gratefully received. I have scanned and used lots of tips in the forum, but don’t seem to get the right result, but could be doing something elementally wrong



First thing you are doing wrong is not supplying a link to the actual site so we can see the actual problem and then supply an actual solution.

Based on the demo site for Xloom the selector appears to be #logo img and the default max height/height is 80px.

So you could try adding this CSS to the project wide (or page level ) CSS container:

#logo img {
    max-height: 100px !important;
    height: 100px !important;

You can adjust the 100 pixels value as you see fit.

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First post so apologies for not providing all info.
But just to say you fix worked perfectly

Many thanks


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