How do I delete a partial? And two more questions

a partial can only come back if it is saved. and the only way to save a partial is to use it.

this means that if it comes back after a relaunch, that it must be in use somewhere in the document.

if you cannot locate it i’d recommend a divide and conquer approach:

make a copy of you document.
then on the copy, delete half the pages. and relaunch.
if the partial comes back again then you know it was s used in the remaining pages.
if the partial is gone then you know it was in the deleted group.
repeat until you’ve located the page.
it’s a quick test and with 8 repetitions you can locate the culprit page in 250. with more modest sized files you’ll be done even quicker. 15 min. tops. :grinning:

if you get all the way down to one page, and the partial still comes back. and that seems to be an error, send me the file and i’ll have a look in the debugger and tell you exactly what’s going on.