Rename a Partial from the Library Column?

Is there a way to rename a partial from the library column? I only see the ability to rename them once they are placed on a page.

The only way to change the name is to edit the partial’s name when you have “opened” the partial to edit the stacks inside of it.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve been doing. My workaround has been to make an unpublished page that I call “library.” I place instances of my partials on that page so I can edit them. The slowdown comes when I’m working on a page that does not have the partial I want to rename on it, so then I have to either place a temporary instance on that page, or go back to my library page. Right click to rename the partial inside the RW library column would be much faster. I’m adding this as a feature request.

I have a similar setup. I have a page in every project called “Components” and it is set to draft. As subpages to that I have pages for each of the partials and/or categories of partials. (i.e. A page called “Navigation” would hold all of my partials related to Navigation) If I ever need to edit the partial and it’s not on the current page I jump into the appropriate Components page and edit it there.

I actually started this process because I had a project where there were too many stacks in a particular page for my computer to handle editing directly on the page.