Split theme footer

Is there a way to make a nice footer in the split theme without using a table? Something that has 3-4 columns?

Are you using stacks?

yes I am using Stacks

I’m not at my Mac right now(no screen shots) but you will want to go to settings and turn off the email address and copyright stuff that’s in the current footer.

Then you would create a stacks partial that contains what you want for footers.
Place that partial at the bottom of each page.

For the columns you may want to look at stacks4stacks adaptive grid as it is responsive


For info on partials look got the video on this page:



How I place that Partial at the Bottom???

Thank you very much for your help

I’d like to know this too. The original question had to do with adding the footer to pages using the Split Theme. The video that teefers linked is a working example of using all Stacks based pages. So, can the Stacks Partials be added to Theme pages or not? I can’t find how to do it.

Something like this:
I used @joeworkman Houdini to move the entry to the footer.

Essentially, yes. Just looking to do several hyperlinks.

Hmm, not familiar w/ Houdini.

you can add anything…
it just allows you to move things to different areas of a page…works well.

If you are just looking to add hyperlinks to text in your footer, you can add the html link code right into your footer.

<a href="http://www.mysite.com/page/">Link Text</a>

Replace with where you want the link to go and the ‘Link Text’ with the text you want to be clickable.

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Joe, thank you for the input, I’ll look into it.

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