How do I get a Hype animation to play on pages other than Home Page in Rapidweaver created site?

As the title suggests, I can get Tumult Hype animations (HTML5 format) to play on the first page of my site but an exact copy on any other page just shows a blank area where it should appear.

I have added the hype exported folder into the RW Resources ensuring the title of the folder is exactly the same, I have then edited the HTML code to include the “resources/” at the appropriate place to indicate the path to the Hype resources. (Following all the advice and help I can find in both RW Forums and Hype forums)

I am unsure how to proceed to get these animations working on any other pages which is where they are needed.
Any suggestions would be really helpful.
I am using RW Version 8

Each page other than the home page is usually in a subirectory. You need to put the full path in (e.g. or, for pages which are not inside a subdirectory, put a slash before resources, thus /resources/. I prefer putting in the full path because then you treat all pages the same way.


Wonderful man. I knew it would be something obvious I was overlooking. Adding the preceding slash does the trick but will investigate the alternative too.

Thanks for answering so promptly.

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