Hype 3 Animation to Rapidweaver 6?

Trying to read up on how to incorporate a Hype animation into a RW file. But I am decidedly confused.

  1. What is the appropriate format in which to save the Hype animation?

  2. How then to embed it on the page?


Would I be better served and have more flexibility if I were to use Motion?

Thanks for any feedback.

I would save it as HTML5 to a folder and then FTP the folder to a server and iFrame in the index file.

Thanks for the response, but not quite sure what you mean by “iFrame in the index file”.

It depends. If it is just an animation, you can export it as HTML 5 (by which they mean html and javascript), a movie or even an animated GIF. If you have interactive elements, you’ll have to export to HTML. The HTML option requires some work to make it responsive. The HTML and JS can just be inserted into an html stack (remember to highlight and select ‘ignore formatting’). If the hyperesources folder is not in the same location relative to the web page, you’ll have to alter the html to account for this.

If you have no interactive elements, you’re better exporting to a movie which you can, if you wish, put on YouTube, which solves a lot of the cross-browser hassle.

There is plenty of information on all this on the Hype site.