How do I get the Embed stack from Stacks4Stacks to place the HTML5 video at the top of my page?

JohnJ and WillWood have really helped me out getting my Hype animation into my site. How do I get the animation placed at the top of my site. I have tried using Embed, and the video appears, but as a tiny strip on the top of my site page. (as in the first thing you see when you visit my site)? I am using the theme Parallaxis, it is a one page site. Thanks in advance for your help.

I assume you want it to fill the browser window?

If that’s the case, then Big White Duck’s Sections Pro stack might solve the problem. Stick the Embed stack inside that and experiment with setting the Sections Pro stack to either Flexible Height Responsive or Proportional until you get the effect you want. It’s harder to guess more without a URL though.


Thanks Rob!

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