How do i use HTML 5 stack

Hi, I am really very ignorant as I am new RW7 user. I have a website and want to embed a video that is on my hard drive. So, I bought joe workman html 5 (I do not have STacks). But HTML 5 loaded as its own project page… so I downloaded a demo page of Stacks. Still looks like HTML 5 is its own project page. Don’t know how to go from here to embedding video. Apologies for inexperience… Nadine

Hi Nadine,
To use Joe’s HTML5 Video stack, you will need to get the Stacks Plugin from Yourhead. See you got the demo, that is good. Did you install both the Stacks plugin and the HTML5 Video stack? If yes, when you add a Stacks page to your site, and click on the library icon, you should see it in your list of stacks. You can even use the search bar to search for a stack. Once you find the stack, drag it and drop it onto the edit area. Then you will need to host your file on a server somewhere and link to that file.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Okay, this was a big help. First of all, I deleted HTML5 and then re-downloaded. That was good in the sense that it got rid of HTML5 as a project page BUT bad because all of sudden there was only HTML5 for RW6 not RW7. Retrieved RW7 version from trash.
Then, I clicked on the stacks link under plugins and tried to drag the HTML5 stack over but it just didn’t work. I do see a big banner saying “Buy Stacks”. When I click on it, gives me option to buy now or later.
SO, I am assuming that I need to actually buy Stacks and then I will be able to drag HTML5 over to the spot where it says “drop stacks here.” Or am I doing something wrong?
Second, once I buy Stacks and, assuming that HTML5 for RW7 works, will I have to buy another stack from JW to make a lightbox for a gallery? If so, which one should I get?
And thanks for your patience. Much appreciated.


You do not have to purchase Stacks to get it to work. Once you have a RW file, you add a Stacks page. Once you have a Stacks page, you should find the HTML5 stack in the Stacks library while viewing the Stacks page. If you do not see the HTML5 stack in the Stacks library, then it’s probably not installed. To install the stack, you should be able to just double click it. You do need to restart RW to see the stack in the library after installing. If you can’t get that to work (without buying Stacks), send us an email at

As for the lightbox, I’m not sure what the best tool is for that job. Hopefully someone else can help.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

Great. That finally worked. Will Stacks demo expire? If I buy Stacks (which I am not adverse to), what advantages accure?
Thanks again. Nadine

There is no expiration on the demo – but there are limitations. You can use a handful of stacks on a page and then it will request that you purchase.

The advantage of purchasing is simply to use more stacks than the demo allows. But we encourage you to use the demo as much and as long as you like. :slight_smile:



Hi Nadine,

Stacks is (in my opinion) an essential add-on for RW, it enables incredible functionality and is well worth the small purchase cost.

For a lightbox, the simplest way to get up and running is to use Will Woodgate’s free Litebox:

This is an excellent and very simple way to Lightbox individual images. Will also does several more sophisticated products of which ‘ProGallery’ is probably the best and most flexible.

RW is a bit of a learning curve, but user support here is friendly and excellent. The developers too are generally very helpful, even with third party products!


I second that! Stacks3 is worth every penney. Then you have the option to add sooooo… many neat stacks. If you look around you can find a lot of nice stacks add ons. Here is one place to look: The products and support are outstanding as is the case with most add on developers.

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Nick and Greg, Thanks so much for this advice. I am going to purchase Stacks 3 and check out the lightbox options. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Nadine

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If you purchase stacks one of the first things to do is to learn about Partials. Partials allows you to put a user named stack all over your site. When you change content of the partial it changes everywhere.

Here’s a video

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