Play Stack & Codex Theme

New here - hoping someone could give me some direction regarding having a looping video (play stack) in the codex theme. I am wanting to place a looping video in the banner/header of the page but codex doesnt seem to want to place it at the top. Any idea how to edit the theme so that the video is the banner/top image?

many thanks

hi, try toggling on hide banner option , drag an extra content stack to your layout and place the play stack in it, then change the extra content number to see if any of those extra contents show the play stack…

Thanks for your reply. It seems the play stack works as described underneath what i assume is the header. I saw a page promoting the same pairing (codex and play stack) with a loop video playing as the header - kr web design.

toggling the banner image removes the image but not the background - so the play stack runs lower. Im guessing i am needing to replace the header with the play stack?

No luck yet - anyone have any success adding looping video in place of the banner image in the codex theme?

Do you mean like this?


Yes!! exactly like that - thank you - Ive been trying various ways to there but no luck. Does it involve editing the actual theme?


No theme editing needed.

Here is how I did it. Other solutions exist.

  1. In theme/Master styles tick “Banner image off”.
  2. Add a Houdini stack to the top of the page.
  3. In Houdini I selected :-
    – Destination: Custom Div
    – Div ID: feature
    – Location: Top
  4. Drop a Play stack into the Houdini stack.
  5. In the Play stack choose the ‘full screen’ option.
  6. I added some custom CSS to increase the height of the feature div to something that looked decent to me. Something like this:

#feature { height: 900px; }

And that is it.


Thank you Kryten - worked perfectly . I sincerely appreciate you showing how to do this.

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