How do I get to the dashboard in Armadillo?

How do I get to the dashboard in Armadillo? In watching the video Dr. J is magically at the dashboard but I missed how he got there?

BTW, Is there a step by step video that shows how to use Armadillo, once installed?

Assuming you’ve installed a recent version, it should be at:


and Armadillo includes a stack which will automatically create a link to that page

@Vinnieweaver2 I just finished creating a “tour of Armadillo” video. It answers you questions, plus a lot more. It is 42 minutes long. Starts at the beginning. That may seem boring to you, but it’s useful as a double-check to make sure you have set things up “well”.

At Vimeo you can always download the 1080 HD version. Find here:

Download is 200 Mb for the 1080 version. (Click share button.) I hope this is helpful. Probably more info than you want, but it does cover all relevant issues (I think).