How do I insert a page link to a Markdown page?

Ive used RW 5 for years
Just bought 8, and am presented with a markdown first page… the interface is a bit unfamiliar after these years.
I cant see any way to insert a link to a page in a markdown page, or pretty much anything else really. The markdown cheat sheet doesnt mention it, and the familiar chain button I used to use in RW5 has vanished.

What am I missing?

You can still use a Styled text page in RW8. It sounds like you were using those in RW5. Just add a new styled text page and delete the markdown page.

If you want to stay with a markdown page, here’s a good reference.


Thanks. Markdown looked useful for a bit, but I think Styled is the one for me.
Too much hassle trying to work out how to place images and the like.
(Struggling to find basic stuff in RW8 at the moment.)

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