How to Add Link Page to Resource

(Ruary Bucknall) #1

As a new chum I cannot work out how to ADD LINK between a page and a Resource that is stored in my project

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Which resource are you referring to? Do you want to have this resource in the navigation? What’s the detailed use case?

(Ruary Bucknall) #3

Hello Jannis,
I am trying to start my first project hence my ignorance of terms and processes.
I have used markdown to create a few pages and have placed a document in the Resources Folder.
I now want to refer to that document in the Resource on one of the pages
The on-line manual simply said to use the ADD LINK feature.
But I cannot find ADD LINK on any of the menus or work out how to do it.

(Jan Fuellemann) #4

Down at the bottom of the page left next to the style buttons in the edit window.

(Ruary Bucknall) #5

Sorry to sound stupid
but I cannot see any style buttons while in the edit window

(Jan Fuellemann) #6

See here. When you mark a text you can select the link at the bottom:

(Ruary Bucknall) #7

Thank you for your assistance
Your image above is very clear and thus I can see what I should be able to do to link
I do not get the menu items across the lower edge of my screen even when fully extended
So it seems there is something missing when I downloaded RapidWeaver yesterday

(Stuart Marshall) #8

On a Markdown page you will not see that style bar. If you click on the Resource in your resource library you should see the option to ‘Copy Macro’. You can then paste this into wherever you want to link to it in your markdown page. i.e. using the regular markdown syntax for links… [Link text](paste your macro here)

when you Publish or Preview RW will convert all of the macros into regular urls

(Ruary Bucknall) #9

Thnx various people for your support
problem solved
basically I had not realised the difference between creating a page via Markdown and Style Text

(system) #10

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