How do I make global changes in the Flexture theme?

(Lawrence Diggs) #1

With the new look and feel of RW7 I am a bit disoriented. Can someone tell me how to make global changes in the Flexture theme? For example, I want to change the theme styles on all of the pages at once in stead of one at a time. I want to change what is the “master” style.

(Mark Spaulding) #2

If you click on ‘Show’ next to to settings it will reveal the Master Settings. See pict To use those settings, on each page you need to leave the Master checkbox checked.


(Lawrence Diggs) #3

Thanks that worked. However When I changed the slogan name the home page did not change. Seems the other pages all changed but that one is stuck. How do I fix that?

(Mark Spaulding) #4

Each page has the option of making that information unique. See here:

You likely have the Slogan selected on the home page.