Basic beginner issues

RW 8.3, Voyager theme, Can’t seem to get master style into edit mode to remove a banner which had been removed from the general page. (it needs to be edited to fit within the banner window shape)

I’ve been away from RW for a long time and have forgotten the basic logic of the app.

Also, is there a RW 8 user manual?

If I understand what you are asking, you want to change the banner in Voyager?

For A banner that is “Site-Wide” look at the General settings:

To Override the site-wide banner, look at the Page inspector:

Yes, you understood. I first had the banner in general site-wide. Then it showed up in the master. I took it off of the general site wide, but it would not leave the master. Nor can I get to the edit master button.

Yes, the override works on specific pages. Do I not need to change the master?


Not sure i understand. If you delete it from the “General settings” by selecting the image (it should have a blue border) and hit the delete key. It will go back to the theme default.

I don’t know what you mean when you say " but it would not leave the master"?

Don’t know what “edit master button” you are talking about?

When I am in the master style, the old image is there. On the menu bar there is a mode icon of a pencil for editing the site and an eye for preview. I can’t access the edit mode on master style.

Does that make more sense?

That’s not how you change the Master Style. Use the panel on the right of the Master Style screen to adjust the settings.

With Voyager the default image - sea - will be displayed until you add a new image to the General Settings screen (so it applies across all your pages) or on a page by page basis as described by @teefers.

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