How do I put in a search button in my website


I have a website for collectors. I would like to put in a search button so that if someone is searching for items from a specific designer they all are visible. How do I do that ?

I don’t know much about html and so just basic stuff …

Thank you in advance !!

You may either want a “Filter” Stack, that filters Content to a given Keyword or a “Search” Stack that performs free search over your whole site.

Example for Filter Stacks:
Very good Filter Stack:
A bit older:

Also the very good Poster Stack has integrated Filters (here: Categories and Tags).

Examples for Search Stacks:
If you are using Stacks Pages, have a look at the Stack Live Search.
If you want to setup your own search database, take a look at RapidSearch Pro.

Like most thinks in RW your going to need stacks.

Build your own results page (easy for small site so)
Customize Google search for your site (rely on Googles search result and ads)

Automatic build your own search database index(no ads, no waiting for Google)

All of the above are supported by @willwood and work with his free raipidsearch helper stack to place the button on each page

From @joeworkman you have (uses DuckDuckGo instead of Google)

The SortStack also offers the option to sort items in ascending / descending order or categorise items:

Most importantly, whatever filtering or searching system you decide to use, it needs to be intuitive for end users and a good match for the type of website / content you are building. Too many searching or filtering options might prove too complicated or return results that are inaccurate. But at the other end of the scale, a weak searching or filtering system might be a turn-off for potential customers if it is too vague.

Analytics data can be a good way of determining how people are currently using your website and their navigational behaviour through the site.

You can also consider other methods of reducing large quantities of content into smaller ‘bite sized’ pieces. Components like tabs and accordions can offer a surprisingly effective way of categorising groups of content into collapsible subheadings.