Trying to achieve THIS filter/search functionality. Possible?


I found the stack of my dreams. Only problem is that I would need to purchase and install Foundry + their POTION PACK for it. And I can’t afford to remake the entire site.

It’s a stack called SEEK

It’s super awesome. You type keywords into a search bar, and elements that apply to that search will appear. Those elements start invisible on the site.

This is exactly what I need, and I haven’t yet been able to achieve it with Stacks4Stacks Filter, or YabDabs Filter, or with 1LD’s “Clean Search”

Clean Search is SOOO close, but I can’t seem to make the elements invisible. I’ve put a support email out to 1LD but so far haven’t heard back.

@1LDskyler (thought I would shout out to 1LD here just in case)


Thank you!!

bump - anyone have ideas?


Can your Ultra list or Searchable FAQ do this?

Better yet, can either of these stacks achieve the same results as your search page? My main desire is to be able to HIDE all the search items by default, until the user starts typing keywords in. It’s unclear whether or not this can be achieved with either of those stacks (but I hope!!)


Hey, 1LD just updated this stack, it’s called quick finder now, take a look see if it helps you.

I apologize if this is off topic but how do these two stacks (or any RW search options) index the content of my website?

The content in Foundry’s Seek stack is all there, just like your normal content, it is just hidden from view using CSS. It should be indexed the same as the rest of the content on your page.

I’m sorry Adam @Elixir, that was not enough info for you to answer my question. Is it indexed by spider or manually input by me. Full content or search terms I determine?

Seek does not index your entire website, so if that’s what you’re thinking, it won’t work for you.

Seek allows you to add individual items to the stack which can consist of headers, paragraphs, etc. Seek allows you to filter (show) items based on the content you enter. You do not enter search terms for the items. It’s based on the contents of each item.

This allows a lot of flexibility to the stack.

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This is an oldy, but a good one - Searcher2:

You can initially hide content.


What @DLH said. Seek doesn’t search your whole site. It only searches content that you add into the stack itself. It doesn’t search your whole site.

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