How do stack updates effect existing instances?

I’ve just noted that I have 9 stack updates available.
Normally I just press ‘update all’.
It’s great to see developers updating their products.

My current list includes 8 stack updates from @joeworkman mostly from relatively old stacks. Again it’s great to see us getting improved software.
However I see that Joe’s updates are going to cause me grief and I see he has pre-empted the situation by explaining:
‘Existing instances will need to be implemented again. Sorry’
'Its strongly recommended that you replace existing instances with this new version. Existing instances will not get all the fixes. Sorry there was no way round this.

My problem is that I have multiple instances of a lot of these stacks over a website that has 1000+ pages. Finding them alone would be hours or even days of work.

I’ve a few questions here:

  • Is there a way to track down pages with a specific stack in them?

  • Could I just ignore the ‘update’ and, if so, is there a way to remove it from the Stack Updates panel to avoid a future ‘update all’ fat finger.

  • If I update but don’t fix/replace the existing stacks what’s the worst scenario? An image that doesn’t 360 rotate (as an example) or a complete page breakdown?

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