Updating a stack version to the web


When a stack is updated in RW 6 and Stacks 3.0 when I already have a prior version deployed on a Web site, does RW automatically replace the deployed stack with a new one? Or do I need to mark the page as changed?

I realize I can simply Re-Publish all. In fact, often this is what is required when a deployed site is acting wonky when updated with a new stack version.

I was just wondering how it is suppose to work?



PS Love the pact you are doing a podcast, shows real commitment to your product. I have listened to them all. Well done.

@garageshop, my common practice…

Open RW 6.x (which has Stacks 3)
Open a stacks site using the updated button at the bottom of the Stacks Library, check for updates and install them
Restart RW
Open Site
Verify upgraded stack function in your site, adjust as necessary.
As a safety precaution, I mark all pages changed
View from website and see what, if anything is broken)

Hope that helps.

Hey Brad, with Stacks 3, you no longer have to restart RapidWeaver, at least I have not had to on any stack that gets updated.

Hello, so sorry - can’t find how to pm you. Could you contact me at imagineblueskies@me.com re: having you build/design a website? thanks! Cathy

@zeebe Thanks for that :smile:, but, In my personal experience, once in a while Stacks 3 will crash on updating stack(s), so it is just my common practice to make sure the stack update(s) took. If no crash of Stacks 3 then yes, I continue working as outlined.