How do you install fonts

Newbie, sorry, how do you install fonts. I have a bunch of Google fonts I want to use. I have looked everywhere and can’t find where you tell RW about your fonts…so that they show up in the menu of say 15 fonts that are numbered… will keep looking in the meanwhile.

This is not an inherent ability of RW as far as I am aware. However, a bit depends on what you use generally. If you are using stacks (and you should) two great free / donation stacks are Header Pro and Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck. These allow you to load Google Fonts, Theme fonts, Font Pro fonts or host your own.

There are other stacks that allow Google Fonts but these would be my recommendation.

Can it really be true that RW doesn’t allow on it’s own for the loading of fonts? I see it sometimes has a list of fonts that are numbered, as if you can input those somewhere. I hear you, I’ll get into those stacks, but it seems FONTS of all things should be a part of RW directly. Maybe not Google fonts, but Fonts in general, other than the web safe fonts.

You could try this fairly old blog from 1LD but seems much easier to use the stacks mentioned or a theme that allows Google Fonts

I just realized that with Google fonts you’re linking to them basically, and the font gets downloaded. You see I’m new to fonts on the web. It was way easier in iWeb.

Can you load a font wholly into your project with Paragraph or Header Pro ? If I choose two fonts say, is there anything wrong with loading them permanently into your project instead of downloading them on the fly. Is such permo insertion possible?

I just downloaded those two stacks and will explore. This is a tad confusing when you’re new to it.

Is there a way to add a couple fonts say, to an entire project, not to just one header, or one paragraph, I’m looking at Header Pro and it allows you to enter ONE google font, or web font, but not more than one, I’m hoping to have a few fonts installed, and be able to access them from every font menu in every paragraph, header, whatever, wherever there is text, is there a way to do this?

I answered in your other thread, before I saw a separate thread on your fonts question.

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You answered me well, thank you. I’m going to make a partial that includes the Foundry main stack, the Typeface stack, all fleshed out and ready to go, and a sticky header. I get partials, they make total sense, and are easy to use, Shift-P to make a partial. New page means drag over a couple partials and you’re on your way. I’m good to go.

I haven’t read through the whole thread, so forgive me, but the answer that @DasGoravani is looking for since he’s using Foundry is that you use the Typeface stack that comes with Foundry. See the documentation for it here:

There’s also a series of tutorial video on the Tutorials page as well that you should definitely watch. They are in the Utility stacks section of the page.

Update: I see that @DLH answered your question superbly. Thanks @DLH! :heart:


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