How do you remember your stacks?

Anyone got any bright ideas as to remembering what all your stacks do?
I use a number of different developers and Foundry, and find if I’ve not used a certain stack for a while, they all start to sound alien when I come back to them, and I‘m then having to visit the developers website to refresh my memory in some cases. Old age, I know. But the fact some are a bit ambiguous doesn’t help. I’ve seen the stack work before and it would great in the project I’m working on, only I can’t remember who made it and what its called :expressionless: and this is when I’ve narrowed them down to favourites :crazy_face:
I have the foundry potion pack and thunder pack sample pages, which help. So do people just build a sample pages of all the stacks so they have an instant go to page? Or do you do it another way?

I reduce the number of stacks for my daily work. So I am mostly using Foundry stacks, some from @habitualshaker and some from stacks4stacks as well as from Big White Duck and very few from other vendors. I try not to give in and buy every interesting stack :slight_smile: but to use the stacks I have chosen in a better way…


I know what you mean, its just I’m sort of halfway house, I have sites build for clients in older versions/older stacks, I’ve moved onto Foundry and then Foundry 2 so have inherited even more, and I now find myself liking some of the Source stuff to sit in Foundry :stuck_out_tongue:


I try not to worry about it. I have 100s of stacks but probably only use between 10 and 20 regularly. When I come across one I don’t remember I just srag it onto the page because it sometimes sparks an idea for presenting content that I hadn’t thought of. :sunglasses:

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