RW7 Resources - Re-Link resource?

In the Resources what does the button called Re-link resource do exactly? If it is in resources, surely it is the folder somewhat confusingly called /resource (not /resources).

Re-link what to what?

Re-Link to an orginal file. This way you do not have to go to each place the ressource is used and link it again. It happens when you e.g. change or relocate a Folder etc. As soon as the ressource is re-linked to the original file, all places the ressource is used will work properly again.

So does that mean that files placed into resources are only links to files elsewhere?

Resources are pointers to other files on your Mac. I think this is to keep the project file from getting larger than it needs to be.

RW7 has the option to “make portable”, that copies the resources to the project file.

Many thanks. That’s exactly what I need to enable.

Just tried this. I get the confirmation warning and then another warning saying that some of the resources may not be included - Brilliant. No indication of what might not be included and all images in resources are reported to be included in the project file.