How to add search box in CMS?

hi, trying to add a search box to my CMS blog page (similar to the search box at the top of this page)
how to?

im not a developer, so thanks for keeping your reply to basic step by step for my ignorant self :slight_smile:

Hi Mary,

Welcome to the forum.

What CMS are you using?

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i’m using Total CMS. I think I might have worked out a solution- using the “blog filter and search” stack seems to be working at this moment. thank you for replying! I’ll be back if this apparent answer turns out to not be one. :slight_smile:

Hi Mary, but remember that only the “Summary” field of Total CMS will be searched, not the actual “Content” field. This will probably change with TCMS2, but this is still some months away…


oh ok. thank you! so i’m curious, when this forum has a search box at top, what is it searching? the question title or the content??

No idea. But this forum is based on a complete different technology than TCMS, so we cannot compare these two. But since this forum isn’t a “flat-file-system” as it’s the case with TCMS I’m sure that every field can be searched here (title, content, users…).

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ok, thanks

In my first answer I forgot to say that of course the “Title” field of TCMS is also included in the search.

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So are tags, categories and author.

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Yes, of course. :nerd_face:

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