TotalCMS Blog - two issues I need help with


I am integrating a TotalCMS blog onto my site and have two questions I am hoping people can help me with.

  1. When creating a post and hitting the ‘Save’ button, is there a way to give feedback to the user that something is happening, i.e. pictures uploading, blog post save successful etc?

  2. When I go to the content side of the blog I see my blog post in the blog list, but when I press the ‘Read More’ button it doesn’t link to the post - it just defaults to the site homepage. I’m obviously missing something but can’t find it! Any advice?

Blog page:

You should get little green checkmarks upon saving a blog post, for each field you have in the blog post area, like this:

Have you watched the Total CMS 1.3.0 video?? That might give you some help with this area.

Nailed it! (with the help of your pointer!)
Well, the 1.3.0 video certainly helped. Up until then I had watched the blog overview video. The key bit about previewing locally to set the permalink/pretty link bit up was missed (the server was empty for the link string), so I first got the standard permalink working and now have editing my .htaccess file and got pretty links up and running. Thank you.

As for the completion indications, I get the small green ticks appear but I have some people in the team who are not tech-savvy at all and it just would be nice to have a popup or banner or something to indicate to them that things have been successful, otherwise I can see them pressing the save button multiple times expecting to see something.

I recall there is a banner green bar with check at top of page option.

When I get to my computer I’ll get the info for you.

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There is a banner setting, but for some reason it is not working with Blog, I have asked Joe about it, but he is still asleep. Will let you know what he says. Here is a screenshot of the banner setting:

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zeebe’s to quick, lol

Edit - FYI - Works for me @zeebe

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