Total CMS search not searching complete post and gallery image question

Total CMS search not searching complete post, it only finds things that are in the summary area. I read on a form that it is suppose to be full search of the blog and customizable yet I don’t see any settings or videos on how to do this. Any one have any ideas on this? I just got total CMS a couple days ago so still playing with it and this is a big hang up.

Also is there a way to get the gallery to show the title BELOW the image and not cover the bottom part of the image?


Total CMS does only search the summary right now, not the content. Joe is aware of this and I am sure it will be better in 2.0. I too think this is a weak point of TCMS at the moment.

There are some alternatives for the blog gallery:
Gallery Stack 3 by Instacks
Photo by Nick Cates

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