How to change font size in navigation menu in bravo theme

i have been using bravo theme in my website…now google is saying my font is too small. how do i make the font bigger in menu? i can make the content bigger…but cant figure out how to change menu text size…any ideas

If you post again with the URL to the site, please, we may be able to isolate the CSS in question and suggest a way to do what you want.

my site is appreciate any help.


Try adding this CSS to the global CSS container:

#navcontainer a {
   font-size: 1.3em;

You can adjust the value of 1.3em up or down to your own taste.

yeah it worked. do i have to apply to every page?

Don’t think you should have to if you put that code into the global CSS container. Putting it there should affect all pages. Are you seeing something other than that?