Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts and sizes

Hello all,

I have a delima. I currently use a Themeflood design called Wilderness by @willwood I love the theme. I am asking because I can’t seem to find how to change the font size with out pressing the Command Key and the + key. If I wanted to make sure all the font size on the page is say 12, then how would I do that?

If I have to do some CSS coding fine, however I don’t even know where to do that from either. I am not sure if I am even writing the correct question.

Post a link to your site along with a description of which text you would like increased in size. I’m sure we can help.


What I would like is one section or one word bigger font etc. I would be changing fonts all over the place depending on what I wanted or what my board wanted.

You can use this code in the text. Change the values.

<font size="+5">your_text</font>
<span style="font-size:36px; ">your_text</span>

Where would I put that? If I look in the inspector can I change a section there or do I put that in the CSS?

You are giving us mixed signals in your posts. The two quotes above lead to diametrically opposed approaches. In general I would highly highly encourage you not to be “changing fonts all over the place”. That will start to look like a website from the 90s (and that’s not a good look. )

If you want to change the look of key elements (paragraph text, header 2, bold text) then that is absolutely doable. It does involve custom CSS, but all of Will’s themes will handle custom CSS very well. And we can help you to do that.

On the other hand if you want to be changing fonts all over the place that’s a whole other story: doable, but really not advisable.

Is there a way to select the text and then select font size with out pressing the command key and the + key? I have no idea what my font sizes are on my site at all and frankly it is quite annoying. My club likes the size 14 font because it is easier for them to see because most of them are older. Some things such as titles etc we want larger fonts say size 36.

@garyp: There are a few ways you can do what you want. I just want to give the caveat the most designers won’t set things to a specific font size like 14 px. While 14 px may look great on a computer, it may appear way too large on a phone. So instead they use responsive styling.

One way to play with the size of all your content is by using the CSS box Site-Wide Code (you’ll see this when you click on the Configure icon which is right next to the Pages icon at the far left portion of your screen, but under the menu area). In Site-Wide Code put in this:

body { font-size: 120%; }

Notice how this is done in percentages and it will increase the size of everything: paragraph text, headers, and so on. The particular number I gave you (120%) may not be quite right for you: so then switch to 110% or 150% or whatever you think works best.

You also may want to check the Master Style (also under Configure) as Will has provided a Text Size option. The default is set to 80%, but you can change up to 100%. If this works for you then you don’t even need the special CSS code: only use the CSS code if 100% is not big enough for you.

I’m leaving out a lot of details, but hopefully this is enough to get you down the right path.

The other consideration is how you are entering text into RW. I always use the Markdown stack, but there’s also an HTML stack, and then a regular Text stack. The regular text stack tends to be easier for web-design newcomers. At any rate the idea is to get the text sizing right via CSS (or Will’s Master Style preferences) so you don’t need to do any special fiddling around when you are actually entering content.

There are ways to more directly target the header sizes, but I suggest using this overall generic technique first. My guess is it will work for you.

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This you can insert the code on the page directly in the text.
Or you use the Apple Fontbox.
So you can also find out which font size you have.