How to change image?

I’ve been using Cameo for a long time but mainly because is easy for me to use as I have minimal knowledge of all this stuff.

Would like to move to a different theme but can’t figure out how to remove a page top image and replace with my own image. and maybe change the font. Can it be done, easily?

This new theme is called… LANDER

As long as you use a ver 7 or 8 theme…all you need to do is drop the header graphic on the general page in the banner box…changing fonts…that is another story.

Note…I stopped using themes 5 years ago…too constraining

If you’re using the free Lander theme you can easily change the banner by going to General (under Settings on the left of the Edit window) and dragging an image into the Banner area there. You can also do this on a page by page basis if you’d like a different image at the top of each page (by selecting that page and choosing General Settings ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE and dragging an image into the Override Site Banner area there.

The free version of Lander comes with four different Google fonts to choose from for the header - see attached.

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Thank you I’ll ck it out.

I did try not using themes but not bright enough or wanting to put that much energy into learning. My site is a retirement hobby.

It thanks for the info.

No problem
I am old retired guy too

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