WP-Blog & RapidWeaver 6

Hi, before I purchase the WP-Blog plugin, I wanted to know whether it is possible to change the font etc. My client is very specific about the Google Font used (FontStack is my saviour!).

I guess I’d like to have the same functionality but as a Stack - anyone know of something similar out there for WP?

Many thanks,

Half the point of WP-Blog is that your blog takes on your RW styles.

Very true but what about the changes that I make in Font Stack? Just by the different types - Plugin and Stack - means they don’t work on the same page. Also, I want a particular heading, the company logo in the ext1 area - these aren’t changes made in the page style.

Why don’t you contact Nilrog’s Place and ask? If the answer is no, I highly recommend Armadillo.

Might do but there’s a Joe Workman stack that looks much more promising.

Thanks for the replies :grinning:

You can change anything in WP-Blog by editing the css directly, including adding Google fonts. Alternately, you can use PlusKit to import the content of a WP-Blog into a Stacks page, with these two additions: You must copy the WP-Blog sidebar code (clearly commented in the WP-Blog index.php) into the Stacks page’s sidebar section, and the extensive PHP prefix into the Stacks page’s prefix section.