How to combine 2 menus in one sticky foundation Top Bar

I need to prototype the navigation for a client site rebuild (in Foundation) and what I am trying to achieve is:-

  1. A regular menu on the top right for items that are relevant to all viewers
  2. Two larger and more prominent buttons directing specific groups to their own areas. These areas will be a single scrolling page using a magicgellan menu
  3. A logo
  4. All of this in one top bar which is sticky

I tried doing this in a 4 column stack - which I’m sure is entirely the wrong way but it at least shows what I want to achieve.

However the Top Menu takes the whole width when sticky, hiding the buttons and logo.

I’d be happy for it to all be one menu if there was a way to emphasise the two ‘zone’ buttons.

I am aware of solutions like Joey but am short of time sussing them out - hence any pointers would be very helpful so I can get this demo done in time. I’m keen to do this using a blank theme approach as the client will be fussy about layout and theme constraints would not be a good idea - Foundation is the product I have purchased.

extra content area in topbar maybe?

Sounds good but i’m not sure how to do this. Do you mean the built in Top Bar Extra Zone?

yes, extrazone not extra content Duh

set it to custom align left put the html i. that should work

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Looking good already. I was playing with this last night but it was late, I was knackered and it wasn’t going the way I wanted. Now however - working like a dream. There’s a moral here!

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Rather than adding HTML I have left the 2 nav items in RW but just checked ‘do not show in navigation’ Then use 2 buttons to link to them. Any reason for not doing it this way?

Should work fine as far as I’m aware.

Check out BWD stacks and Chroma. Perhaps you get some more ideas?
Although its not released yet he’s developing a button bar that can do this. Perhaps go to Weaverspace and send him a message.

I haven’t looked at Chroma but have tried some others - they appear to offer a lot of capability but can take a while to understand - which is fine but didn’t have much time just now! I’ll be definitely looking in detail going forward.

If time is an issue I would PM @tav and ask his advice, he’s real sharp with nav’s