Foundation, will it allow for a split menu?

Hi all, I’ve just purchased @joeworkman’s Foundation bundle and am going through the tutorials, I have a quick question. Will the nav menu options provided in this theme allow me to split the nevmenu like this site?, so that the logo sits in the middle?

Many thanks for any input.

It can be done by using TopBar left aligned and a custom zone right aligned with the links added as html code for the right hand side. The logo than has to be aligned with some positioning CSS. (Foundation itself doesn’t do the positioning).

This is how I created the split menu in Project4 (demo at

Edited because when I attempted to write "positioning CSS "it appeared as “piston CSS”.


Ah oh I see, so only the left hand side is using a regular navmenu and the right is code?
So when you switch to tablet/mobile you then replace all of that with the 3 lines dropdown option instead, right? Sorry I don’t know the technical term :slight_smile:

At a screen width that you set the navigation to change from a set of text links along the top into a hamburger menu (as the screen width reduces) then yes. However, it isn’t just 3 links, it is all of the links appear on the "mobile’ drop down menu.

Lovely, thank you for your speedy response :slight_smile:

Maybe the Header Pro stack from Big White Duck would be useful.

Hi Neil, thanks for your suggestion, I’ve taken a look at the Header Pro stack but I can’t see a way to get 2 nav menu buttons to link to their respective pages using this stack. 2 will link to one, but not to 2 as far as I can see.

I will now be using the @blueballdesign Freestack Theme for this project so will keep looking for a solution to this one.