How to control the appearance of the menu

Hi all,
I’m new to Rapidweaver and my first website is on the road with the theme Lunar.
I have my own banner and I got the problem, that the white menu appears at a location where the banner is black and white. Parts of the menu are not readable where banner is mainly white.

I want to influence the menus appearence to make it better readable but don’t see how.

Any ideas?

My Site

Greetings from Switzerland, Ronald

Have you looked at your style options? You can usually change the color of your menu titles in most themes. I don’t have Lunar, but it seems to have a lot of great options. Options | Lunar theme


Hi, I think there’s an option for a banner overlay or gradient to darken the banner area so the text can read

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Hi Lisa,

yes, I saw this option and I’ll give it a try.
Also what rolisize mentioned sounds promising.


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Thanks a lot, problem is solved.

Greetings, Ronald

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