Page label menus not on banner

I’m using the Theme “Dark Glass” on my wife’s artist website. There are 7 pages, the labels which appear on the Menu Banner at the top. Since there is not room for all of them horizontally on the Menu Banner, 2 of them appear lower. They are partly off the banner. Can I get them to fit on the banner? There looks to be room.
Here’s the website:

Give this css at try (put in sitewide css) :

#navcontainer a {
width: 85px !important; padding-top:15px; height:40px; 

Perfect! Thank you SO much.

I added another page, so now I need the Menu bar at the top of all pages to be wider to accommodate that title. You gave this code, which worked great. But now I cannot remember where the sitewide css is. I assume I have only to increase the width. Let me know if that is the case, and where do I now find the stewed css. Thanks.

Hi Jazzkim,

On the left hand side of Rapidweaver, click the “Settings” pane. In there, you’ll find a Code menu option. That’s where you’ll find the site wide CSS.



Thank you Christopher. I guess what I should be asking is: how do I get the banner to hold ALL of the Menu items, including “SOLD” and “Links”? Just increasing the width doesn’t do it like I hoped it would.