How to creat an background color on HTML?

I just finished a new design and have a small problem. I want the background-color: 000; grows with the content and that without a fixed height.
I remove min-height: 500px; the background disappears completely.
1.body {
2.background-color: #151515;
3.font-family: averia_sans_librelight;
3.color: #fff;

Do you actually have any content in the page?
Page type? Theme?
Have a url so we can see what’s going on.

Not enough info to help.

I just made a background color for my page, it is trial page :3

I understand that, but without knowing what theme you are using or what you are seeing or a url to look at it’s very difficult to know what is causing an issue.

Most themes have settings in the up for this sort of thing.