How to create an interactive, customisable image

I want to create a page where users can select options (colour, texture, etc.) for an image and the options are then reflected in the hero image. I would need to provide for about 6 optional features, so the image would require the options to be checked and then probably a manual “Create” button applies the optional features to the image.

Can this be done relatively easily in RW? I appreciate the assistance.


Mmm, not entirely sure this will match up with the 6 options but you might be able to use Weavium’s Fluid stacks, as it has on the examples page (warning a bit of a hefty 20 MB page!) of picking a single colour for a couch and the image changing accordingly.

Also I wonder if Joe Workman’s Pi stack could do something for you here, as it can be used to change css settings, so maybe display the correct image depending on the options selected. Though to warn it does need a separate form stack for the input controls as it doesn’t have it’s own.

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